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What we are all about

World gates Eco fuel is a social enterprise that enables renewable energy solutions to environmental and societal challenges.

Waste to wealth

Briquette project is one of our major projects and an income generating activity and entails recycling of waste to fuel energy. Type of waste we use; waste paper from schools, supermarkets etc. and carbonized agricultural waste such as corn cobs, rose fibers from flower farms and co-generation by-products.

Why Choose our products?
Hot, Slow Burning

The compression process allows our briquettes to burn for a lot longer than if it was loose in its original condition they also burn hotter, cleaner, and longer than charcoal and wood.


Since our briquettes are domestically made from plants and animal wastes, they are consequently less expensive to produce, and thereby we sell them at affordable prices.


Using our briquettes creates no smoke, soot, or carbon deposits. Depending on the base material, they produce no or little fly ash. Further, they do not emit gases or any toxic chemicals like sulfur.

More efficient

Along with the compactness of the briquettes is the increase in heating value. Briquettes can relatively produce more intense heat than other fuel.




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Our Primary Market

  • Local chain stores and supermarkets.
  • Local Schools and Learning institutions
  • Local companies needing heating for their production processes.
  • Domestic consumers
  • Tourist Camps and Resorts
  • Urban and peri-urban households
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