Our Strengths

• Availability of a suitable raw material. World gates proximity to the raw material is of high importance for production; the further away the raw material is from the site of production, the greater the difficulty and expense of transportation.
• Drying space for briquettes. The cost of land can be prohibitive in some areas or may simply not be available if adjacent lots are already taken. When carbonizing material for feed stock, open space is also needed. World gates has enough space that has been leased for effective production and up scaling the project

World Gates is aware of the business potential of machine pressed briquettes because of its quality compared to other start-ups that make handmade briquettes thus compromising on quality.

• Access to finance is an important condition for the growth of micro-enterprises. Our company has an advantage as they will access finance for the enterprise growth through grant and will be able to upscale and increase its production.


• Saving consumers’ money. We are able to compete with charcoal prices by selling a kilogram of briquette at a lower price. The long-burn characteristics of briquettes are valued by consumers, since this saves them money in the long-run and creates a huge demand.
• Presence of consumer groups. We have already identified consumers within reach who both 1) currently pay for fuel and 2) have compatible heating and cooking equipment. Domestic consumers in urban areas, and restaurants/eating places and certain industries are key groups that we target. The proximity of a ready market is often overlooked by producers.
• Building awareness. We have created awareness of briquettes in the market by doing thorough marketing. This has been achieved by providing free samples and promotion at the production site and the marketplace by word of mouth, emphasizing benefits such as long burn duration thus yielding to good results.

• Acceptable smoke production. Our briquettes are carbonized which makes it suitable for urban consumers as low or zero smoke production is a necessity.
• Great management team. We have qualified team with leadership, optimism, grit, creativity and innovation, empathy, resilience in the face of adversities and emotional/social intelligence.

• Communication skills-This is necessary for networking, relationship building and marketing the company’s products. The team has superb communication skills.
• Human resource skills-to plan, develop, and administer policies and programmes designed to make expeditious use of an organization’s human resources. It is that part of management which is concerned with the people at work and with their relationship within an enterprise. We have qualified human resource manager as part of the management team.

• Product development-The responsibility of product and service creation for the enterprise. We are privileged to have n able team that does product development.