Why Briquettes are a better means of fuel

Briquettes are flammable blocks of matter used as fuel. They are made from extruded or compressed shredded combustible materials. A binding agent like starch may be necessary to hold the materials together, though pressure may at times be enough. Some of the common materials used as briquettes are charcoal fines, mineral char, sawdust, chaff from rice, peanut and other crops, peat, and any biomass materials.

Advantages of Briquettes

Below are some major advantages of Briquettes

  • Smokeless
  • Slow burning and hot
  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Renewable
The best quality briquettes

The best quality briquettes are made from 100% wood, which is free from contaminants like glue or paint. The production process is also key to creating top class briquettes as intense pressure is needed to form them. This is essential for high quality briquettes as denser logs have longer burn times and retain their shape well. Poorly compacted briquettes may appear cheaper, but their quick burn time makes them an expensive option in the long run. These briquettes can also burn at a very high temperature and have the potential to damage some wood burners if the heat output is too high.